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English Teacher

โพส 26 Sep 2017

Sahamitr Pittaya School

ร้อยเอ็ด (งานอาจารย์/ด้านวิชาการ)

Primary School One Female not over the age of 35 years old is good. We offered 25,000 Bath a month. (except the end of semester on October and March to 15th May) (25 hours for 5 days working a week) Sahamitr Pittaya School is Primary school 1-6 that set in Amphoe Selaphum (district), Roi Et province, Northeast Thailand. The qualifications is bachelor's degrees and passed the teacher training who are English native speakers or have experienced, love teaching kids, nice and fun and got good manner. Your students have not over 28 students/class. Work time : on Monday and Tuesday start 08.20 am to 03.30 pm On Wednesday to Friday start 08.20 am to 05.30 pm School can give the work permit document for you. We can suggest to you for accommodation (ex.good House near school,market) So if you're interested please send your CV (attach a photo) to [email protected] and Tel.081-8737424 Suwimon


send CV via email and phone.